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Budapest Quaker Worship Group - Budapesti Kvékerek

– Recognized Meeting –
Twinned with the Creamore Fellowship of Friends, Wem, Shrewsbury, U.K.


Budapest Worship Group   
Co-Clerks/Contact Persons: Zsuzsa Eastland, Éva Katona
Contact Phone:   +36 1 319 6326
            Mobile:   +36 20 576 9572

You can also find us on Facebook: Quakers in Central Europe.


Meeting for Worship

Day Held: Second Sunday of each month and by arrangement
Time Held: 4 pm
Place Held: please contact Zsuzsa, or send an email to us for further details


You are most welcome to attend our Meeting for Worship.  It is advisable, however, to contact Zsuzsa beforehand as there might be a change in the schedule. or +36-1-3196326 or +3620-5769572.

Ha érdekel a kvéker találkozó, akkor vedd fel a kapcsolatot Zsuzsával az címen vagy hívd őt a 06-1-3196326, ill.  0620-5769572 számokon.


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Co-Clerks: Zsuzsa Eastland, Éva Katona


Treasurer: Vera Várady

EMES-contact: Berne Weiss

Home-page contact: Ákos Lencsés